Small Wonders Micro/Mini Car Museum

Small Wonders Micro/Mini Car Museum is a must-see for anyone interested in cars – or unusual sights! This quirky museum, located in McHenry County, Illinois, is devoted to micro and mini cars.



The museum was founded in 2003 by Bob and Barbara Johnson. The couple had been collecting micro and mini cars for years, and decided to open a museum so that others could enjoy them too.

The museum now has over 200 cars on display, from tiny three-wheeled vehicles to full-sized minivans. Visitors can also see some of the world’s smallest cars, including the Peel P50 and the Isetta.


Exhibit & Collection

The museum’s collection includes microcars, minicars, and subcompacts from all over the world. There are cars from countries as far-flung as Japan, Italy, and Germany.

Some of the most popular exhibits at the museum are the Japanese Kei cars. These diminutive vehicles are often used as city cars in Japan, where space is at a premium. The smallest Kei car on display at the museum is the Honda Life Step Van, which is just 2.5 feet wide and 9.8 feet long.

Another popular exhibit is the collection of German Messerschmitts. These tiny two-seater cars were produced by Messerschmitt AG during the 1950s. The company also manufactured aircraft, and the cars were designed to resemble their planes.

The museum also has a selection of electric cars, including the EV1 from General Motors. This car was produced from 1996 to 1999, and was one of the first mass-produced electric vehicles.

In addition to exhibits, the Small Wonders Micro/Mini Car Museum also offers visitors the chance to take a ride in a mini car. Visitors can choose from a variety of cars, including the Isetta, Peel P50, and Messerschmitt KR200.

If you’re looking for a unique and fun museum experience, be sure to check out Small Wonders Micro/Mini Car Museum!


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