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Enhancing your property through the addition of a new, versatile building pole barn has never been easier than it is today. We specialize in custom workshops, garages, and barns with living quarters. Whether you’re looking for a home for your family, your horses, or both, we offer an exciting custom design process that ensures your pole barn will meet your unique needs. 


Pole barns are easier to build than structures using typical construction methods. There are many great reasons to build a pole barn or post-frame building including:


  • Easy site preparation
  • Extensive design options and opportunities
  • Affordability do to lower labor and material costs
  • Faster build times than conventional homes
  • Durability in high wind and heavy snow
  • Greater energy efficiency than conventional housing
  • Overall costs from building to maintenance are lower

Pole barn Builder

What is a Pole Barn?

A conventional stick frame building is what your typical residential home is. There is a concrete foundation that the home then gets built on top of. The foundation is what supports the home. This is different from a pole building that may not have a conventional foundation. In most post frame buildings, the support for the weight of the home comes from the poles. There are a number of reasons to choose a pole building these days. While they may have started out as barns and farming structures, these days you are only limited by your imagination for the use for your pole building. 


Within those categories, you’ll find all types of buildings, including:

  • Little to no foundation cost
  • Built faster
  • More flexibility
  • Less labor intensive
  • Better insulation & air flow


Poles can either driven into the ground or secured above ground. The poles support the trusses and the roof (in conventional homes the walls support the roof). Therefore your pole building home will not have any load-bearing walls, and gives you design freedom with wide an open space to start with. The open floor plan can be adapted to address any requirements that a homeowner will have.

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We’ll Help You Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

No matter what type of pole barn you’re looking for, quality should be your top priority. Your pole barn or post-frame building has to meet your needs in terms of storage and aesthetics, but it also has to be built to withstand weather and general wear and tear. Building a pole barn requires not only an exceptional design, but quality construction to ensure the plan is executed. Your vision coupled with our design team collaborates to bring your dream pole barn to life. We Hope and expect a professional, hassle-free experience that will stand the test of time.


Whether you are building a pole shed in your backyard, a steel building for your business, or a timber frame home, we want to be a partner for your building project. The difference between a good building and a great building is craftsmanship. Regardless of the materials, a building is only as good as the people who construct it. If you want a quality post-frame or pole barn structure, you need the right builders at the end of the design process. We will work with you to scale the project to the size of your budget.


Increase The Value In Your Home

Pole Barn Builder

Your pole barn  or post-frame cost will vary widely depending on the complexity of the design, and the quality of the materials and labor. The cost to build a pole barn should be determined early in the design process, as you work closely with the designer, engineer or architect to specify the scope of your project.




There is bound to be a perfect design for you, no matter what your preferences or needs. Once you choose a style with our design team, you even have the opportunity to further customize nearly every aspect of your building! When you build a pole barn or post-frame with Decked Out Builders, you’re building something that lasts. While we may not be the “cheapest” company in the area, you get what you pay for, and cheaper is rarely better. With Decked Out Builders, you get the most for your money for your pole barn or post-frame building project.

Pole Barn Characteristics

Best Way To Add Value to Your Home

We offer residents and business owners alike to build quality pole barn and post frame buildings. One building and one relationship at a time we’ve grown to become the one of the premier post frame /pole barn builders not only in Northern Illinois but throughout the Southern Wisconsin area as well.


It starts by brainstorming pole barn design ideas with you. What are your goals? What type of insulation options do you want? What kind of access and ventilation options would you like? Do you have any storage needs? Preference on the roof design? A few of our customizations include, but are not limited to, the following options:




High quality pole barn structures provide a durable and cost-effective solution for all of your storage needs.

  • Boat Storage
  • Hay Storage
  • Equipment/Machinery Storage
  • ATV / Dirtbike Storage
  • Garages
  • Workshops
  • Trailer/Tractor Storage
  • RV/Camper Storage



If you’re in the market for a pole barn or custom post frame building, look no further than the experienced team at Decked Out Builders. We design and create our pole buildings with quality graded lumber or steel. Our buildings are engineered to meet and even exceed local building codes.




We’re fully licensed and insured. Best of all, we promise a complete clean up and removal off all construction trash. Let our skilled, professional building crews create the pole building worthy of your good name. 

The Cost Of a Pole Barn

Pole Barn & Post-Frame Builder

Pole barns are a type of post-frame construction, highly engineered to combine efficiency and adaptability. The cost of a pole barn building can range anywhere from $30,000-$175,000. Size and customizations are the most important factor when determining the exact price of a pole barn.


Creating a concrete slab for a barn or garage is typically about 20 to 30 percent of your overall cost. Because pole barns don’t require this, you have the option to forego a concrete foundation and save money (Although we can do this upon request).  Pole buildings or Post Frame buildings also require less wood on average to complete than typical buildings. Fewer materials means lower costs. 


SizeBase Price RangeTypical Use
Medium$40,000-$80,000Barn / Storage
Large$80,000-$175,000Agricultural / Commercial

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