Covered Pergola – Add Value to Your Home With a Covered Pergola

Covered Pergola – Add Value to Your Home With a Covered Pergola

The right-covered pergola makes a great centerpiece to your backyard, drawing family and friends together for summer dinner parties and outdoor lounge time. These popular landscaping additions also add significant value to your home when you’re ready to sell.

Use tin roofing* to cover your pergola and keep the sun and rain out. You can leave some openings for a more open look or install louvers that automatically close or open depending on temperature. Read on to learn more.

Sunshade Covers

Pergola shade covers are available in a range of colors, sizes, and materials. The best ones are sturdy, and stylish, and blend well with your outdoor landscaping.

This breathable cover is perfect for larger areas around the koi pond or pool, blocking up to 95% of harmful UV rays and allowing air to circulate so that hot air doesn’t build up. It also resists mold and mildew build-up in humid environments.

When you want more sun or just a little, the cover can be rolled up or down easily. You can even use it with trellises to create a garden of climbing plants, adding more color to the landscape and creating extra shade as you enjoy your backyard. Pergola shade ideas can include a number of different types of plant coverings, including fast-growing vines like grapevine or wisteria.

Metal or Wood Stripes

Whether your pergola is attached to your home or freestanding, you can make it look amazing by covering it with an attractive material. Wood, for instance, is popular because it offers a natural look and can resist rot, shrinkage, warping, insects, and termite damage.

Metal, on the other hand, can offer a modern appearance and is highly durable. It is also resistant to problems that plague other materials like rot, insect damage, and rust.

To install a metal pergola cover, first line up one of the horizontal closure strips and screw it to the beam in the low section. Continue adding horizontal closure strips to the pergola until it has a complete roof. Then, add vertical closure strips to the top of the structure.

Drop Cloths

If you choose to stain or seal your wood pergola, you’ll want a protective cover to prevent spills and stains. Canvas drop cloths are available in a variety of weights and sizes and come with reinforced seams and edges that prevent fraying.

They’re also machine-washable, odorless, and made from recycled materials. These heavy-duty drop cloths work well for furniture protection, paint touch-ups, wallpapering, painting, maintenance, and more. They’re also eco-friendly, made from regenerated cotton fiber and pre-consumer waste.

They’re also leak-resistant, which can be a real lifesaver during a messy painting project. They feature a rubber backing that helps them stay in place on slippery surfaces, such as stairs or hardwood. Heavy-duty drop cloths are a great alternative to tarps, which are often water-resistant but lack the absorbent qualities many premium drops offer.

Fabric Sails

Shade sails for pergolas are a great way to provide shade and privacy without the added cost of a solid roof. These beautiful outdoor garden structures are available in a range of sizes and colors, and you can even have them designed to fit the dimensions of your home and backyard.

These stylish pergola shade structures are designed to block out the sun and its harmful UV rays. The unique curved shape of the fabric allows air to circulate, keeping your outdoor space cool.

If you’re looking for a bit more versatility than the traditional pergola shade, consider a motorized canopy that can be adjusted depending on the weather. This provides on-demand protection from the elements for your family and guests. This makes it a perfect choice for those who plan on hosting frequent gatherings.


A pergola with a shingle roof looks great in backyards, gardens, patios, decks, and other outdoor spaces. It adds visual interest to the space and it is very easy to maintain.

It can also be an ideal spot for climbing plants. They will naturally make their way up the structure, providing additional shade and eliminating the sun’s harmful UV rays. It may take one full planting season for the plants to fully cover the top of the pergola but once they do, you will enjoy an even more comfortable and serene ambiance under the shingles.

Many homebuyers are looking for a well-defined outdoor living space that will not only enhance their lifestyle but bring them closer to the proven therapeutic benefits of time spent in nature. Adding a covered pergola to your property capitalizes on that need and is an investment that will pay off when you choose to sell your central Florida home. Browse the next article.