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We are here to help you transform your unused backyard space into an ultimate outdoor oasis. We have years of experience designing and building gorgeous outdoor living spaces, customized for any home, and we’d love the opportunity to build one for you. 

Let us help you create a space for outdoor fun and activities for the whole family with a beautiful Deck or Porch. With the guidance of our professional deck building company, you can have a multipurpose space that will be enjoyed for years to come.

Increasing your value

Deck & Porch additions are one of the most rewarding ways to improve your home. It’s also an excellent way to increase your home’s value, as homeowners typically see large returns on their construction investments. We will make details matter in every aspect of the building process for your home. Every factor is taken into consideration and made sure that we meet the right specifications.

One of the things a homeowner in Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin need to make sure when looking into the traditional deck versus a Composite & PVC deck is immediate cost vs. long term solutions. Yes, Composite and PVC decks cost more money up front, but protecting a traditional deck’s aesthetics, longevity and value over the long term takes much more effort and expense than the minimal maintenance of a Composite or PVC Deck.

The products that we use to complete the best Composite & PVC decks are Deckorators, Timber Tech, and Azek.

Composite Deck Builder Near Me

Whether you know exactly the kind of deck you want or you need assistance from professionals, we are here to help you build the deck of your dreams. We take pride in our ability to understand your backyard goals and deliver to you the finest deck that is sure to set your house apart from others. Decked Out Builders is an industry leader in the design and build of Composite & PVC decks. We are proud to offer composite decking from Deckorators and Timber Tech Azek. With one of these composite decks attached to your home, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy a beautiful, spacious outdoors living are to build memories to last a lifetime. This low Maintenance decking, and railing is a great investment for any backyard since it never requires more than a hose wash.

The benefits of Composite decks

  • Composite Decks are low maintenance, no painting or staining.
  • Composite Decks will never rot or splinter.
  • Installed with a hidden fastener system so there are no exposed screws and nails creating a safer and more appealing finished deck.
  • Composite decking comes in a large assortment of decking selection colors & grain patterns to choose from to give the perfect unique appearance.
  • Backed by manufacturers 25-50 year Stain and Fade Warranties

Cost of Decks Built Near Me

Deck Builders
Deck Builders
Deck Builders

This deck in Green Oaks, IL includes Timbertech Azek Decking, Westbury Aluminum Railing with Post Cap Lights, Built in Seating and a Cedar Pergola

Approx. Deck Cost $85,000-$95,000


This deck in Towerlakes, IL includes Deckorators Voyage Decking, Westbury Verticable Railing with Cocktail Railing and Stair Lighting

Approx. Deck Cost $60,000-$70,000

Deck Builders
Deck Builders

This deck in Crystal lake, IL includes Deckorators Vault Decking, Deck Cladding and Built in Seating.

Approx. Deck Cost $35,000-$45,000

Average 300 Square foot Deck 15 Year Cost Comparison

Pressure Treated

$ 17,000


$ 21,000


$ 24,000

*Wood Decks need to be stained, painted or sealed every other year at average of $750 a year.
*Composite Decks need to be washed 2x a year with a hose and soap. DIY just cost of soap

Pressure Treated

$ 28,250


$ 32,250


$ 24,600

*Wood Decks have a life span of 15-25 years if properly maintained.
*Composite & PVC decks has a life span of 25-50 years without the hassle.

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The Value of Building Composite Deck

When planning and building a deck, it is important to take into consideration that you are actually making an investment in your home. And like any investment, there’s a return on your investment.

According to Remodeling’s 2022 Cost vs. Value report for Chicago area, a composite deck addition has the return value of 61.9%. Building a new composite deck is one of the highest returns on investment.

So, you invest the money now, enjoy your deck for years to come, and if you decide to sell your home your still benefiting from an investment done years ago.

Aside from ROI, there is also curb appeal. Whether your deck is visible from the road or not, to you or any family and friends you have over your deck is going to be one of your focal points as well as when selling your home if you choose to do so in the future. 


When working with Decked Out Builders we will make your dream come to reality

Looking for a Deck Contractor?

Our custom deck options bring endless possibilities to your backyard. We can customize your space to suit your lifestyle and needs. We can design your deck to just about any size, shape or decking you can think of. When it comes to decks, no one does design and construction better than Decked Out Builders. All of our satisfied customers can attest to the quality craftsmanship, dedication and exceptional customer service we bring to every project.

When we work with you for your deck replacement or installation, we take in consideration your property style as well as your lifestyle needs. The work we provide to you will compliment your home’s current designs and enhance your property both in experience and appearance.

Part of the Decked Out Builders customer experience is to always be there for our customers. From the very first contact, beyond the last nail, we are here to answer questions or concerns. We do not believe we have done our job unless you feel 100% satisfied with your new build. We take pride in all of our projects, using only high-quality materials that last a lifetime. We don’t build cheap decks because we believe in quality over quantity.

Top Quality
Top Rated Products
Excellent Communication
Customer Satisfaction
Workmanship Warranty


How Do You Clean Your Composite Deck?

Please refer to our article "How to clean a composite deck"

Can I Reuse My Existing Framing?

Often times we do not recommend it for longevity and safety reasons. Please refer to our article "Can I reuse my existing framing to save costs"

Will you help with the design process?

Absolutely! We can design your space based upon both your desires and your budget.

Can I Put a Hot Tub on my Deck?

Yes, as long as your deck is properly built with the extra support of where your hot tub will be installed.

Can I buy the materials and you install?

The short answer is no. We have found that customers who have supplied their own materials did not get the correct amount or types of materials. For efficiency and quality reasons we supply all the materials for our project builds.

Difference Between Contractors Pricing

As a homeowner, you might wonder why there can be significant differences in the price quoted by different contractors. Every deck contractor approaches their builds differently. To make it easier for you, here are some tips for understanding the estimates you receive from deck construction companies:

Materials Used

The biggest difference we see when comparing quotes comes down to the materials being used. Contractors use their choice of different materials, so there for is not the same selections or pricing.

This also brings having 2 or 3 quotes to compare to, is one leaving out that the others included or what does the quote fully entail. 

What does their finish product look like?

Are all of the quotes similar? Or are there big differences? If there are big differences, it's important to find out why. Is one contractor using lower quality materials? Are they cutting corners on the project? It's important to get all of this information before making a final decision so you can be sure you're getting the best value for your money.

Job Skills & Knowledge

It's not uncommon for newer companies to charge less. Whatever the discount, if the job isn't done right, you could end up paying more in the long run fixing your contractor's mistakes. Remember that it is worth it to spend more money to get a contractor who knows what they are doing. A reliable contractor will answer your questions and can reassure you that the job will be done right.

Customer Service

This is about you. It is your project, your home and your family! Consider customer service when selecting a reliable contractor for your project. In fact, you should factor it in to the cost of your project. You should ask what type of communication you can expect. During construction projects, it’s important that your questions or concerns are addressed right away with honesty. Understand what's going on so you won't regret making costly mistakes because of poor communication with the contractor. Maintaining an open line of communication is key so that you feel involved in the project. This one of our strongest values is that we ensure to keep an open and frequent line of communication open.


The companies that you obtain quotes from, it is important to know who will be working in your home. Some companies use subcontractors. Others, like Decked Out Builders use in-house employees. This makes a big difference and can change your experience and outcome. Subcontractors are usually paid by the job and have no set schedule.. They might not have the same high standards or take pride in their work like employees do. You should also consider how many outstanding projects the contractor has when selecting a partner for labor in your deck project. The time it will take them to do your project depends on how many other projects they have going on at the same time. They might take longer to finish yours if they're working on multiple projects at once.

Product Knowledge

This is important because what one customer might use or what is best for their lifestyle may not be best for you. It is important to have knowledge on all the different products to offer and educate what is best for you and your family.There are a lot of different types of products on the market. It can be confusing trying to compare estimates from different companies, but an experienced contractor should know about all the different products and recommend what is best for your lifestyle based upon what is discussed. 


Any project is an investment. You want to make sure you are protected in case anything goes wrong. A contractor should warranty their work but also you want to have a manufacturer's warranty in case something goes wrong or is faulty. We do see time to time that a manufacturer warranty is denied because a certified installer wasn’t the one that did the work.


 Choosing a builder with an impeccable reputation means that you are choosing a builder that is proactive, responsive, and fair. We pride ourselves on our reputation in our community for delivering top-notch results and quality builds.

What size should my deck be?

Size really does matter when it comes to decks. Too large and it will completely overwhelm your yard, making it feel smaller. Too small and it won’t be functional for entertaining or relaxing. The average size of a deck is between 400 and 700 square feet. But, the size of your deck will also be influenced by the size of your house and how much available space you have in your yard.


Another important factor to consider when deciding on the size of your deck is what you plan to use it for. If you only envision using it for a few people to sit and enjoy the view, then a smaller deck will suffice. However, if you want to be able to entertain large groups of people, then you’ll need a larger deck. Keep in mind that a larger deck will also require more maintenance than a smaller one.


Composite Vs. Wood Decks

Please refer to our article "Composite decking vs wood"

Does My Deck Need to Have Railing?

If your deck is less than 30" above grade, you are not required to have railing on your deck. The choice is yours!

What is a Picture Frame?

Picture framing is the recommended on all composite and PVC decks. A Picture frame is a border around your deck. 

Top Reasons Why To Picture Frame A Deck


  • Hide Cut Ends
  • Safety
  • Highlight areas of interest
  • Prevent Debris

It also provides visual appeal, clearly defines the deck edges, and draws attention to any steps. Picture frames can be an accent color to your main decking or match to blend.

For more information or pictures, please refer to our article "Advantages of installing a picture frame on your deck"

What is Deck Fascia?
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Can I Put a Grill on my Deck

Gas Grills & Smokers typically are safe to put on decks. We recommend using a grill mat underneath.

Planning Your Deck Project:

Things To Consider

Consider all the features that will make your deck the perfect asset to your home as you plan its design. Before you start, it’s important to have a general idea of the characteristics you want. Have a hard time designing or envisioning? No worries, we can help. We also offer 3D Designs!

Size: What size do you want for your deck? Will it be utilized to entertain large crowds or just small gatherings? Keep in mind to accommodate the traffic flow, and room for furniture without it being overcrowded.

Layout: What kind of layout are you looking for? Do you like a single large space or multiple levels to add definition and separate areas? Do you want a modest area for cooking and relaxing, or do you want a built-in pool or hot tub? To achieve the desired aesthetic, add curves to a single or several locations.

Materials: What kind of material do you want to use to build your deck? Although wood is the traditional option, composite materials offer greater benefits and require less maintenance. Be sure to check out the pros and cons. Are you looking for more of a traditional look or more modern and contemporary? There is a large variety of selections from different grain patterns of composite decking to different color hues and different railing styles.

Lighting: Are you interested in having your deck lit up at night? If so, think about putting up some string lights or post lights to create a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

Furniture: What kind of furnishings are you looking for your deck? Built-in benches are excellent for saving space, while outdoor rugs distinguish separate spaces and provide comfort for bare feet. With so many possibilities available, there’s no excuse not to design the ideal deck for your house.

Covered Structures: Pergola, Covered and Screened Porches are great additions to decks that will provide you with extended hours outdoors. Whether you want a structure built at the same time as your deck or in the future, we recommend to pre plan and to take this into account when designing your deck to possible save expenses down the road.

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