Lord’s Park

Lord’s Park

Lords Park is one of the best parks in Elgin IL. It has a large little league baseball complex with ten fields, a family aquatic center, and a zoo that houses captive bison and elk.

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The 108-acre park features a historic pavilion, the Elgin Public Museum of Natural History and Anthropology, a zoo, playing fields, walking trails, picnic shelters, and much more. The museum’s current exhibitions include Mazon Creek fossils, Native American lifeways, Ice Age mammals, the Fox River ecosystem, the La Salle expeditions, endangered species, rocks, and minerals. The zoo includes captive bison and elk. The park also has a farm zoo with pigs, cows, goats, sheep, and a llama that are rented from local farms for the summer.

Residents packed a meeting Wednesday night to discuss the future of Lords Park Family Aquatic Center, which was closed during the COVID-19 pandemic and did not reopen this year due to budgetary reasons. They told city officials they don’t think raising admission prices and other alternatives are enough to reopen the east-side pool permanently, but they wanted the pool to remain open.


Featuring sports facilities, recreational activities, and entertainment venues, this 108-acre park offers something for every interest. Explore the Elgin Public Museum, play on a playground, or stroll through a garden. This quiet park has walking trails and game fields, as well as wetlands and restored prairies that attract herons, egrets, and songbirds.

A large little league baseball complex is part of the park, with ten fields used by the local little league group. Two rentable shelters are also available in the park.

A crowd of residents packed a city council meeting last week to voice their support for reopening the Lords Park pool. But the east side pool is likely to stay closed this year due to cost and a lack of lifeguards. This is despite money being included in the 2023 budget for the pool to reopen. The pool includes a competition lap pool, a double flume slide, three water play features, a sand volleyball court, a bathhouse, and a concession building. Here is another spot to visit.


This 108-acre park is home to playgrounds, picnic shelters, tennis and basketball courts, a family aquatic center, three lagoons, walking trails, the Elgin Public Museum, Lords Park Zoo, and more. It also boasts a large baseball complex with ten fields and two rentable pavilions.

Bird watchers and nature lovers will enjoy this quiet park, which features restored prairie and wetlands. There are also several miles of trails suitable for hiking and biking.

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Lords Park is home to many of the city’s destination facilities including a public museum, a zoo, and a historic pavilion. The 108-acre park also features a number of recreational and community buildings within a picturesque setting of mature Hickory and Oak trees.

The Lords Park Zoo features a large variety of animals in a natural environment. This zoo was one of the first to move away from caged exhibits and instead focus on an interactive experience for visitors. The zoo also hosts special events throughout the year such as Zoo Boo and Lights of Lords Park during the holidays.

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