Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament

Experience an unforgettable evening of chivalry, revelry, and sport in Her Majesty’s 11th-century-style castle. You will enjoy a four-course feast and cheer on your knight while they compete in tournament games, authentic jousting, and exciting sword fights. Read on to learn more.

As you enter, you will receive a colored crown to identify which knight you’ll be rooting for during the show.

What to Expect

Travel back in time to the age of knights, kings, and horses with tickets to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Dine “hands-on” on a four-course feast while witnessing spectacular sword fighting and falconry, then cheer your knight to victory in a thrilling jousting tournament.

The restaurant is lined with suits of armor and giant candelabras, making it a fun experience for the whole family. You can also visit the Souvenir Gift Shop and see the Hall of Arms. Don’t forget to bring a jacket or blazer for the colder months.

Your ticket includes Castle Bread, Dragon Blood (a nicely seasoned tomato bisque), half a juicy roasted chicken, herb-basted potatoes, and lemon pound cake. For beverages, you can choose from soft drinks, beer, or wine (alcoholic drink options available at the full-service bar before the show). There are vegetarian and gluten-free meal options. No silverware is provided, so eat with your hands, as the knights did!

The Castle

Step back to a time of knights, castles, and jousting tournaments. Witness spectacular battles of steel and steel, from ringside seats.

Sparks fly from clashing lances. Awe-inspiring swordsmanship and majestic falconry add to the spectacle. And don’t forget the hearty feast, served with your hands.

Before the show begins, the castle fills with a hive of activity. The castle gates open 90 minutes before the performance, and guests receive seating tickets and paper crowns upon entering. There’s a gift shop, medieval weapons on display, and war horses stabled behind glass walls.

The Grand Ceremonial Arena soon echoes with the thunder of hooves as you enter, seated in an assigned color-coded section corresponding to one of the knights. Cheer for your knight as he competes in a series of games, including a rousing jousting tournament and a foot combat sequence. The Queen crowns her champion with much pomp and fanfare. Foot combat is a real-life reenactment of the deadly era’s hand-to-hand fighting that was used less to harm the opponent than to demonstrate the knight’s skill. Browse around this site.

The Tournament

Step back in time to the days of knights and castles as you enter Queen Maria Isabella’s 11th-century-style Castle. Upon entering, guests are seated in the Grand Ceremonial Arena and treated to a bountiful four-course feast while wenches and serfs attend to their every need. Then, cheer on the brave knights as they compete in medieval games of skill and jousting tournament action.

Awe-inspiring displays of horsemanship and falconry are also featured during the two-hour show, which is a fun experience for the whole family. After the tournament, the knights and Queen come out into the lobby to take pictures with guests. For an immersive and exciting experience, visit Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament at 2001 N Roselle Rd in Schaumburg IL. The show runs from Thursday to Sunday with varying showtimes. Check the website for details.

The Feast

Travel back in time to the era of knights and chivalry, and experience the pageantry firsthand at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. Located at 2001 N Roselle Rd in Schaumburg, Illinois, the castle is easy to find and just a short drive from downtown Chicago. Sit down to a bountiful four-course feast served by wenches and serfs while you cheer for brave knights on horseback competing in medieval games of skill, exciting sword fights, and a riveting jousting tournament. Meals for guests with special dietary needs are available.

The show is a true spectacle, featuring high-flying stunts on horses and swordplay in a small arena. There’s also foot combat, which involves a pair of fighters in heavy armor whose heads are protected by circular holes or slits for sight and air. While other entertainment-based restaurants sprout up and close like weeds – 12 Planet Hollywoods here, a dozen Hard Rock Cafes there – this one has grown from two locations to ten throughout North America. Next blog post.


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