Screened Porch Design Options

Screened Porch Design Options

At Decked Out Builders, we have several high-quality screened in porches and patio options from which you can choose. Because we strive to provide our customers with the best products and services, we only provide some of the industry’s best products and materials for your Screened Porch project.

Knee Wall

A knee wall is the area of your screened porch that runs along the lower perimeter of your exterior space. Typically 18″ or 24″ high. For the exterior of the knee wall we suggest matching your existing siding or exterior trim colors.


 ScreenRail is available with Structural Aluminum Railing or with a aluminum frame only depending on the height of the screened porch. The ScreenRail is available in multiple colors and textures.


Mid Rail Section

A full screen view with an accent Mid-Rail offers an aesthetically pleasing look while providing extra support to keep your screen tight and secure.

Heavy Duty Kickplate

A kick plate is a thick, durable strip of aluminum which can be attached to the base of the screen for protection. Kick plates are great to add-on to your screened porch where children, pets, wind, water and debris can provide potential damage if you decide.

Full Screen

If screening in under a deck or a patio this may be a great option. 

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