Under Decking & Dry Space

Want to expand your outdoor space, you can now double it and keep the underneath side of your deck dry. These deck drainage systems provide a nice clean look to the underneath side of your deck. Under Deck Drainage uses a network of troughs and gutters to divert water away from the deck. By using the Under deck drainage system, this will provide protection to the deck substructure from moisture and shield your storage space from the rain, snow, sun and other potential elements while  creating a quick way to gain dry storage or living space under a raised deck. We see many under-deck drainage system installations when it comes to 2nd Story decks to provide additional comfortable space for the family to relax and enjoy even during rainy times. This provides you the opportunity to truly create that living space you’ve always desired outside:
  • Add Ceiling Fans or Lighting
  • Add a TV or Projector
  • Install a full outside kitchen
  • Create comfortable seating areas
  • Relax and enjoy with a nice hot tub space
  • Increase your storage space
An under deck drainage system is relatively easy for Decked Out Builders to add to any custom deck project. Many of our under-deck drainage systems comes with fantastic manufacture warranties for your protection.

Key Components to Craft the Perfect Deck: