Stylish Screened in Porch Ideas

Stylish Screened in Porch Ideas

Stylish pillows and cushions can make a screened-in porch feel more like an indoor living room. To stave off mildew, choose water-resistant fill and outdoor-rated fabric covers.

A screened porch is the perfect spot to showcase a collection of antiques. Here, secondhand furniture shines in a purposefully mismatched look, paired with flower-patterned pillows and an oversized palm plant. Read on to know more.

1. Cozy Up

Nothing cozies up a seating area like pillows and blankets. Look for affordable outdoor options from discount stores and garage sales to outfit your porch.

Coastal-inspired furniture and an earthy palette lend this screened porch a serene look. Antique wicker and a painted blue trunk-turned-accent table unite the space with a similar style. Ceiling fans and lamp-mounted lighting make this porch a relaxing retreat after dark. A few well-placed plants add lush color and texture to this front porch.

2. Bright and Airy

If you’re building a fully glazed porch, consider going with mesh screens rather than traditional glass for better sun protection. New advances in screen technology offer pet-friendly and UV-blocking options.

If your porch feels a little dark, try hanging lights that mimic natural light sources. This simple upgrade will make your space feel brighter and more airy.

For a pop of color, bring in rugs and pillows that feature green hues or earthy browns to complement your surroundings. Whitney Durham jazzed up her screened porch with animal print and floral patterns that are fun without overpowering the furniture.

3. Waterfront Views

If you live on a lake or other body of water, you can blur the line between indoors and out with a screened porch idea that takes advantage of the scenery. For example, designer Whitney Durham used a tan-colored wicker couch and striped cushions on this porch to bring to mind seaside getaways.

She even planted a variegated porcelain vine outside the screen to fill the space with color when the plant matures. Plants are a great option for screened porches, as they typically require little care and can easily grow to cover a wide area.

4. Coastal Grandmother

If you love flipping through Nancy Meyers movies starring Diane Keaton and drinking a glass of Sauvignon Blanc at sunset, you’re probably living the coastal grandmother aesthetic. This TikTok trend is more than a decorating style, though; it’s an entire lifestyle geared toward living simply and savoring the simple things.

To achieve peak coastal grandma vibes, opt for neutral and natural textiles. Linen bedding and curtains are a must, as are woven baskets that can be used for storage or as decorative accents.

5. Privacy

A screened porch offers a comfortable spot to relax all year round, savor the breeze, and observe nature without worrying about flying insects or blowing leaves. Float a hammock or daybed in a corner for a catnap-central spot, or opt for a swing that’s the height of comfort and style.

If you have pets, choose a pet-proof screen material that’s designed to hold up against scratching. Add a ceiling fan to keep things cool and UL-rated light fixtures for nighttime parties.

6. Cozy Fireplace

A screened porch, also called an Arizona room, sunroom, or veranda, can be a luxurious extension of indoor living. Add creature comforts like a fireplace for an autumn ambiance or a ceiling fan to cool down hot summer days.

Think of your screened-in porch as an outdoor room and dress it up with stylish accents that are suitable for the outdoors, like rugs and furniture. For example, an indoor/outdoor rug staves off mildew better than a traditional one would.

7. Bright and Cheerful

Decorate your screened-in porch like an outdoor living room by stationing seating around a coffee table. Blogger Tasha opted for eye-catching pendant lights on her screened porch and styled them with comfortable rattan chairs, charming throw pillows, and an oversized family portrait.

Mix and match patterns in your screened-in porch to keep the space from feeling stuffy. Whitney Durham jazzed up simple furniture with bold hues and prints that convey her client’s personality—a chic blanket also serves as a major showstopper.

8. Blue and Tan

With stylish and comfy pillows and cushions, a screened porch can tempt guests to stay longer. To stave off mildew, choose inserts with water-resistant polyfill and outdoor-rated fabric covers. Also consider adding large, fast-drying Turkish towels in place of throws and hose-cleanable polypropylene area rugs like those used here.

A screened porch is a great place to showcase your coffee table book collection. Stacking them on a weathered trunk adds visual interest and makes a convenient spot for setting drinks and snacks. Click here for the next blog post.