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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck in Tower Lakes IL?

Homeowners typically have a lot of questions for contractors when they are thinking about installing a deck to their houses. One of the most common questions is “how much will it cost?”. It’s a wonderful question and undoubtedly one of the most significant, however the price of building a new deck depends on many different things.



The cost of building anything can vary drastically from contractor to contractor and city to city. While it’s easy enough to Google the question, it’s unlikely that it will provide a accurate answer. Most of the prices that can be seen online are outdated or based on different materials or locations, and uncertainty of what that cost includes. Therefore, it’s impossible to truly have an idea of the cost of the project until a customer speaks directly to a contractor.

Even so, a variety of variables could have an impact on their pricing. As a result, homeowners in Tower Lakes, Illinois will need to provide more information about the scope and design of their project. Continue reading to learn more about the factors that can influence how much it costs to build a new deck.


Main Factors Impacting the Cost of Building a New Deck

The cost of building a new deck in Tower Lakes, Illinois depends on a number of various factors. The list of factors includes everything from the materials a homeowner chooses to the railing and features. The key elements that affect the cost of brand-new deck build, however, are as follows.


The Elevation of the Deck

Most people realize that the size of their deck is one of the larger factors in the overall cost. However, it’s about more than just the square footage that it takes up. The height of the deck is also factored into the size of the deck. The higher a deck is off the ground, the more it will cost. 

This should come as no surprise, as building a taller deck requires additional stairs, more materials and labor.  

It’s also essential to remember that different towns have varying building standards and safety requirements. A tall deck will typically require railing, therefore this will also have an effect on the cost of building the deck.


Railing and Stair Additions/Layouts

Even if railing isn’t added for safety, it is still one of those significant factors that impact the total cost of building a new deck. Along with that comes the added cost of stairs. In order to understand how much a deck addition will cost, a homeowner must know how many staircases they will add and their height—even the width of the individual stairs matters! For example, wide platform stairs will cost more than a standard staircase.

While it might seem like a small addition, there are circumstances where stairs and railing can nearly double the total cost. This is especially true for customers who want a walk-out deck staircase.


Choice of Decking Materials

The type of decking material used in a project is another huge factor impacting the cost. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of options, so customers can easily choose something that they love while still staying within budget. Wood, composite, and PVC are just a few of the more popular options that homeowners can choose from. From there, you can also pay more for different colors, styles, and designs. Manufacturers may even offer different quality products ranging from more affordable to higher-end alternatives.

It’s important to keep in mind the added cost after the new deck is built. Some materials require more maintenance than others, and the type of maintenance varies. For example, wood will require regular sanding, staining, and painting to keep it in optimal condition. Even though composite decking material might cost more upfront, it doesn’t require as much maintenance, so you won’t have as many extra expenses down the road. 


Other Deck Options

There are numerous additional factors that affect a deck’s price in addition to the ones already stated. The cost increases as customers add more components and design concepts. Some of the more common additions that can dramatically raise the price include the following:


  • Pergolas and Other Coverings
  • Built-in Lighting
  • Privacy Screens
  • Deck Skirting
  • Additional Seating


Breakdown of Costs for a Deck Build/Remodel

The cost is influenced by a wide range of elements, yet the degree of influence varies substantially. It’s critical to comprehend the components that make up the average expense of a new deck build. The cost breakdown chart helps give consumers a clearer understanding of how various choices may affect their quote.

As the image shows, labor is one of the biggest influences, so it’s important to choose a contractor that is experienced to get the job done right. It’s equally important to find professionals who are upfront with their pricing so that there are no surprises.


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