Deck Patterns & Design

Deck Patterns and Designs really give your deck a custom look and are becoming more popular. Whether you choose to do a single decking selection or multi-color/decking can make it stand out even further.You can install your decking material in a variety of patterns and designs. Whether you’re wanting to keep it simple or have a complex design, Decked Out Builders is here to help. Adding decking patterns to your deck design will add a splash of style and customization. Consider these options when planning your deck. In most cases, this will require a little extra material when designing your deck.

Transition (Breaker) Board 

It’s a subtle twist on traditional decking boards. If you use a transition board to run perpendicular to the rest of the decking, it eliminates seams or staggering the deck boards.

Picture Frame 

Similar to the transition (Breaker) board design, the picture frame board design kicks the transitions up a notch by adding a picture frame around the edge of the deck. It creates more of a polished look to your decking project. We do this so you have finished edges especially with Composite Decking.



45 Degree Diagonal Decking


Diamond Pattern


Curved Deck Patterns



If you are a fan of the popular parquet look, this design is for you! By using short boards throughout the project, the patchwork decking design creates an unbelievable unique look (especially decks with large surface areas). 

Alternating Sizes

In a subtle, yet intentional design, the Pinstripe look creates that oasis feel like you would get at a coastal or tropical villa. Traditionally defined by two narrow boards in-between wide-width boards on each side, the pinstripe look will be ready to take your deck to the next level while also being a simpler installation.

Inlay Board Design

Nothing says an immediate “wow” factor like an inlay design. An inlay is a great way to add visual interest to a large, expansive deck. While it is a matter of personal preference, an inlay can feel crowded or busy on a small deck, so we only suggest them for large outdoor spaces. One of the most popular inlay designs is a diamond. While this design can be a little complex to install, you’ll have a nice conversation starter when people relax on your deck.

Key Components to Craft the Perfect Deck: