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Curved Decks

Experience the growing popularity of curved decks as homeowners seek to elevate their outdoor living spaces.


The unique design elements and considerations involved in crafting a curved deck can infuse a touch of elegance and visual intrigue into any property. From the construction components to the practical attributes and overall advantages, there are multiple aspects to ponder when considering a curved deck project.


Gaining a deep understanding of the complexities of curved deck design and the potential benefits it can bring to your home will help you make well-informed decisions about yours.

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Advantages of Curved Deck Designs

There are many advantages of incorporating curved decks into outdoor living spaces, which makes them a desirable feature for homeowners. Some of the key advantages include:

Studies have shown that curved deck designs can significantly increase your property’s value. The stunning appearance of a curved deck can become a showpiece for the backyard, attracting potential buyers should you ever decide to sell.

Builders and homeowners can appreciate that these designs provide a smooth transition between your home and the deck. This creates a harmonious connection between indoor and outdoor living spaces and ushers the indoors outdoors.

Skilled carpenters and deck builders, like ours at Decked Out Builders, can expertly bend boards, creating a spectacular finish that sets curved decks apart from traditional decks. This adds visual interest and curb appeal.

Curved Deck Material and Maintenance

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Composite decking materials are a popular choice for curved decks. Composite deck boards are made from wood fibers and recycled plastics. They are a popular choice for decks because they are eco-friendly and require minimal maintenance.

Because of how composite decking is manufactured, they are low-maintenance, and they are resistant to rot, insect infestation, and decay.

To keep these decks looking good requires only a simple cleaning of the deck surface with mild detergent and water, as needed. Inspect the deck regularly for damage and avoid staining or sealing the composite decking. Composite decks last around 30 to 50 years.

How We Create Curved Decks

Creating curved decks is an interesting process (see for yourself in our Facebook Reel). Here is how we do it:


To achieve the desired curved shape, the selected composite boards are carefully heated using specialized equipment, such as a heat blanket or heat gun, to soften the material without causing damage.


The optimal heating temperature varies based on the material, and once heated, the boards become flexible and can be bent into the desired shape. Precision in this step is crucial for uniformity and consistency in the final design.


Specifically crafted molds or templates are used to shape the boards and maintain the intended curvature, ensuring a uniform appearance across the entire deck.


After shaping and cooling, the boards are secured in place using fasteners such as screws or clips, anchoring them securely in their curved form.


Curved railings are precisely mapped and calculated before being ordered from the manufacturer, with aluminum railings typically chosen for this process.

Functional Features of Curved Decks

Curved deck plans allow for the creation of distinct functional zones, especially if it is a multi-level deck. Here are some ideas for these different areas:

Whether curved decks or rectangular decks, each adds to the square footage of the usable living space in your home.

Enhancing Outdoor Spaces With Curved Deck Features

Enhancing Outdoor Spaces With Curved Deck Features

Curved decks provide a soft and organic look, deviating from traditional straight lines and angles. When you add outdoor deck features like:

Important Design Considerations for Curved Decks

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When designing a custom curved deck, carefully evaluate the structural and aesthetic implications to make sure it complements your outdoor environment. Several important design considerations include:

The unique curved shape and intricate designs requires a thorough assessment of the structural support to ensure stability and safety, especially when accommodating heavy furniture, a hot tub, or high foot traffic.

Your design should complement the natural flow and landscape of the outdoor space. Attention to detail will create seamless transitions and balanced proportions for a better overall look and feel.

When designing this kind of deck, consider things like traffic flow, seating arrangements, and blending with existing landscape.

Understanding the Cost of Curved Decks

Curved decks are generally more expensive than traditional rectangular decks due to increased complexity in design, construction, and materials.


The unique shape requires precise measurements and skilled labor, leading to higher construction costs. Custom-cut materials and specialized equipment are often needed, resulting in increased waste and material expenses.


Additionally, the structural integrity of curved decks requires extra engineering considerations and investment in stronger materials.


Overall, constructing a curved deck is more costly and time-consuming compared to a traditional rectangular deck of the same size. Custom-ordered curved railings also contribute to longer lead times and higher costs.


Yet, they are stunning and will make a bold statement about you and your home.

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