Choosing The Right Deck Design

When it comes to designing your deck, how you plan to use your deck is the primary factor in determining the right deck design for your project. Do you entertain often, what is the size of your back yard, what are you planning on using the space for? A deck should not only be big enough to accommodate guests but should also incorporate all the accessories you intend to have for outdoor entertainment. 

The average size of a deck ranges between 300 and 400 square feet depending on the yard. Although some have the space available for a wrap around deck or multi-level decks closer to 1200-1600 square feet. Different people have different styles and preferences when choosing the shape of their deck. It requires a lot of skill and creativity when designing the shape of your deck to fit into the available space. Plenty of space gives you more abilities to design how you want your deck to look like. When you partner with Decked Out Builders, we will work closely with you to make sure you get everything you want out of your new deck. We can build simple decks, multi-level decks, pool decks and more.


A Look at Different Deck Design Types:

Multi-Tier Decks

A multi-level deck is an excellent choice for larger properties or properties that the elevation changes. If your property happens to have a tricky terrains like hills, slopes and/or rocky landscaping, a multi-level deck might be the best design choice for adequate space. A multi level deck is also great for if you plan to have a kitchen area, hot tub or overlooking a pool. Each level provides space used for different purpose. Levels need only be separated by one or two steps to give your design greater depth and dimensionality.

Wraparound Decks

A wraparound deck is like an old-fashioned wraparound porch. Unlike a porch, parts of it can be larger, more uneven, and look more like a room. Wraparound decks also usually tend to be slightly elevated.

2nd Story Decks

A 2nd story deck will maximize your outdoor space or make your backyard more accessible to more areas of your house. When building a 2nd story deck there are additional ways you can utilize the deck like screening in a patio below or using as storage space.

Pool Decks

An above ground pool with a deck is more appealing than an in-ground pool with out the hassle. When designing your pool deck we want to know what you plan to use with the space, will you have large gatherings frequently, are you looking for just a platform or maybe something simple in size just big enough for 2 lounging chairs. There are a lot of variables between oval and round pool decks and with the space you have. When designing your pool deck due to the building CODES a latched gate is required if there Is no privacy fence so that limits some designs.

Floating Decks

A floating deck also known as free standing is a deck that rests on the ground and is not attached to your house. A floating deck is a great idea for a relaxing area in the middle of a garden or somewhere scenic in your yard. Floating decks generally do not require a building permit since they are not structural or attached to any structure.

Deck Designs with Hot Tub

Deck designs with hot tubs merge luxury and leisure, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and style in your backyard. Tailored to your space and style, these decks feature integrated hot tubs as focal points, combining durable materials, strategic lighting, and privacy features to create a serene, inviting outdoor retreat.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Deck Design

Whether you have a multi-level deck, a 2nd story deck, or a ground-level deck, we can help you choose the right deck design to enhance your home’s curb appeal and showcase your natural surroundings. We can make any feature of your deck shine, whether it is an integral functional component, or a showstopping fireplace, pool, or outdoor kitchen. The right deck design will elevate these features and turn them into the visual centerpiece of your outdoor living space.

You May Not Know Exactly What You Want – And That’s OK!

We can recommend the best layout concept based on your living needs, entertaining style, and family needs to guide you in the right direction as we collaborate on your deck design. There may be things we recommend that you’ve never considered, and once you see them on paper, you may fall in love with the concept. So, it’s always a great idea to keep an open mind as your dream deck creation comes to life.

We encourage open communication throughout the entire design process, and we’ll share our design plans with you until every last detail makes you smile!

Make The Needs Of Your Family Top Priority

Do you have small children, or perhaps elderly parents that live with you? When you’re designing your deck, you may need to take additional safety precautions or ensure the use of non-slip, low-maintenance composite materials on surfaces and stairs.

In addition, a sturdy deck railing can enhance your design while making safety a top priority, without taking away from the expansive feeling of your deck. We can make your railing into a beautiful statement piece – rather than just an afterthought that needs to be there. There are many deck designs to choose from, although the ultimate decision will likely be based on the structure of your outdoor space and the unique needs of your family.

Add Standout Features To Your Deck Design

Your deck design should complement your home’s interior, while also matching the overall tone and aesthetic of your home’s exterior. If you live on a lake with an amazing view, you will probably want a deck that flows seamlessly with an open concept for indoor/outdoor living, with an airy and bright feeling. If your home is nestled among a natural or garden-style setting, a wood deck with a matching wood railing will fit in perfectly. However, if your home has more of a modern or industrial style tone, you may want to choose a deck design enhanced by non-traditional elements, such as a stainless steel cable railing.

The sky is truly the limit when creating the deck of your dreams. You may want to incorporate an area for a garden or potted plants, a large seating area with a sunken fire pit, or enjoy extra shade from a pergola. At the end of the day, your custom deck design should make YOU happy.

The team at Decked Out Builders has creative and innovative deck design solutions to enhance your home and create a backyard oasis to enjoy for years to come.

Key Components to Craft the Perfect Deck: