Deck & Accent Lighting

What can deck lighting do for you?

Deck lighting is a great way to add a personalized touch to your outdoor space with many benefits. While lighting also extends your optimal time on your deck in the evening and making it safer, we understand that not every light is suitable in every location so let us help you decide.Lighting can be complicated but it doesn’t need to be. 

With so many choices the deck lighting comes in many different shapes and styles to choose from that best fits your needs and lifestyle is important. Help your deck be the best spot in the house, day and night, by using deck and landscape lighting to create a unique outdoor space that’s entirely your own.

Why Should You Add Deck Lighting?

When you add the right deck lighting into your outdoor living space, you’ll have the freedom to enjoy your deck even as the first leaves begin to fall in autumn, and long summer days begin to fade into long winter nights. Deck lighting creates a welcoming environment, an appealing visual aesthetic, and enhances the safety of your backyard retreat for your family, friends, and guests. In additional to providing a safer nighttime environment, carefully planned deck lighting will also improve the value of your home and provide enhanced security, as well-lit outdoor areas are typically a crime deterrent.

Your ideal deck lighting can be incorporated into the design of your new custom deck in a way that enriches the beauty of your deck, as well as the beauty of your natural surroundings. We’ll recommend unique lighting solutions that work within your deck design to enhance safety and allow you to enjoy the evening hours in style.

Deck Lighting Can Be Both Elegant And Effective

Deck lighting never needs to be harsh to be effective, it can be as bright or as subtle as you need it to be. You’ve worked hard on designing the perfect deck, and the right lighting strategy will enhance the beauty, not detract from it. We offer a number of unobtrusive lighting options that will wow your guests and add a cozy ambiance to your outdoor entertaining area.

For example, you can choose to highlight the main seating area, and then add subtle lighting to surround your deck railing, stairs and other less visible areas, all seamlessly incorporated into your deck with no visible wiring. You can even add a little fun to your deck lighting by incorporating whimsical lighting styles to add a festive element for hosting parties or events.

Deck Lighting Ideas To Consider

Deck lighting isn’t just for railings and stairs anymore! Homeowners are getting creative with deck lighting placement, by incorporating innovative solutions that offer precise lighting to take full advantage of their deck design. Do you have an outdoor kitchen or bbq area? You can enhance your working space at night by installing custom lighting underneath your countertop prep areas, or in-floor lighting surrounding the grill area. You can also consider adding recessed deck lighting to covered areas, or even installing lights into the structure of your pergola. And by lighting up a designated pathway to surround your deck, you can illuminate a safe path to your outdoor kitchen, pool area, or garden seating area, while minimizing tripping hazards.

Whatever option you choose, below are a few of our favorite options for seamless, beautiful, and efficient deck lighting. Give our team a call today to discuss the best outdoor deck lighting solutions to meet your lifestyle needs.

Post Cap Lights

A gorgeous way to both complete and protect your railing is with eye-catching post cap lights. These cap lights seal off your posts adding detail throughout the day, and a lovely ambiance at night.

Riser Lights

Protect your family and friends by brightening up high traffic areas with unobtrusive stair and step lighting. Easily mount lights in the risers of your stairs, along your deck perimeter, or directly into your deck boards to accent other features.

Under Rail Lights

Illuminating cramped spaces, outdoor cooking areas, even midway through long railing spans; under rail lights allow you to brighten up certain sections of your deck easily. Low-profile in their design, under rail lights help you to highlight your deck at night without stealing the focus throughout the day.

Accent Lights

Cast a gentle glow down your posts easily with side mount lighting fixtures. A great addition to any railing that has a continuous top rail or an efficient way to add subtle lighting and highlight certain areas of your deck. Help your deck make a statement by adding distinctive low voltage to your area.

Energy Efficient Deck Lighting

You may be thinking, “But, won’t all those new deck lights drive up my energy bill?” And the answer is, absolutely not! With the right selection of energy efficient LED lights, you’ll enjoy the best outdoor lighting that is both functional and affordable. For the ultimate in efficiency, you can even consider adding solar lighting to your deck design. There are so many modern-day lighting options that are sustainable and cost-efficient, giving you a way to reduce your personal carbon footprint, while saving money at the same time.

We’ll help you identify the most energy efficient lighting solutions or solar lighting options to give your deck that extra pizazz you’re looking for, while minimizing energy costs as well.

Key Components to Craft the Perfect Deck: