Adding a pergola to your deck or patio is a great way to add shade and beauty with a lesser cost of a covered porch. Pergolas can be as simple or detailed as you want and can be customized to fit any space.  Some homeowners prefer a more classic clean look, while others enjoy heavier posts with unique trim. We build Pergolas out of Cedar or Aluminum. What type of material you want to build determines the pergola price. While Aluminum are clean and modern, require limited maintenance they are less customizable than wood.

Types Pergolas We Offer

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Pergolas are the most common. There are endless styles to choose from. Wood Pergolas create more of a rustic and natural style to your outdoor space. However, they require proper regular maintenance of painting or staining of the pergola.


This choice is a low maintenance, customizable option. Overall, the sleek look of an aluminum pergola has a distinctly modern appeal. A louvered design allows you to take advantage of natural ventilation while yet letting in just the right amount of light for your needs. 

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Average Cost To Build A Pergola

A high-quality pergola is a fully customized build; therefore, the price will depend on the project’s total footprint, the material you select, and the particular engineering requirements of your project. On average pergolas can range from $10,000- $45,000. Of course, larger projects call for more materials, which means a higher outlay. If you decide to add patio fans, integrated heaters, motorized retractable blinds, or LED lighting, the cost of the entire installation will increase.