Can A Hot Tub Go On A Deck?

Hot tubs are popular outdoor amenities that many homeowners consider, partly because they require little upkeep, can be used all year round, and are a practical family-friendly form of exercise. Swim spas are quickly replacing traditional in-ground swimming pools as urban backyard space continues to get smaller. Its small size, affordable operating costs, and plenty of features make them an appealing option for homes.

Even in the colder months, hot tubs offer a place to rest and relax and are wonderful additions to any outdoor space. A deck appears like the perfect location for your hot tub, given that it has a flat, smooth surface.




Can you put a swim spa on a deck? is a question that we are regularly asked. While you absolutely can, provided it has the proper structural support.  Adding a hot tub to your deck calls for careful planning, everything from ensuring enough structural support to choosing the best location for the tub to understanding electrical requirements must be taken into consideration.



Here are some things to think about when determining whether your deck can support a hot tub because not all decks are built equally.



These are two things to think about when deciding if your hot tub may be placed on a deck.


What size hot tub are you buying, and how many people can it accommodate?

How much water does it contain in gallons, and how much weight will that add?



You’ll need to take everything into consideration, including the engineering and math that are involved. Without considering the numbers for your spa, the most basic way to think about this is that the majority of hot tubs may easily weigh 5000 pounds or more when they are loaded with people and water.


It might be challenging to determine whether your deck will hold a hot tub because not all decks are built with the weight of one in mind. A deck can support a hot tub if it is enforced for the weight. Hot tubs often weigh more than 50 pounds (22.6 kg) per square foot, which is the maximum that decks built to code can sustain. Your deck might need to be reinforced, which will require some modifications.


Calculate Deck Load Capacity 


To ensure you have a structurally sound deck, some calculations need to be made. Here are the general statistics we will use to calculate deck support:

  • Weight of Empty Hot Tub = Varies depending on the chosen model
  • 1 Gallon of Water = 8.34 lbs
  • Average Weight of Person = 185 lbs
  • Square Feet of Hot Tub = Varies depending on the chosen model


Using the values above, use the following formula to calculate the weight a hot tub will put on your deck:


[Weight of Hot Tub + (Number of Gallons of Water x 8.34 lbs) + (Number of People Spa Can Seat x 185 lbs)] / # of Square Feet = Pounds Per Square Foot


Reinforcing Your Deck


A common solution is to have your current deck reinforced. The needed amount of strength will be achieved by adding extra support below appropriate materials. The quality of your deck initially will affect how you choose to proceed.


When beginning the process, keep in mind that when a deck ages and weathers, it loses structural integrity, which might affect how much weight a hot tub or spa can support on it. The weight of a hot tub is frequently not supported by rotting joists or defective decking and may need to be completely replaced. 




In light of this, it is essential to hire a professional to examine the quality of the decking, joists, hangers, bolts, and screws to ensure they are strong enough to support the weight of a hot tub and to perform any necessary structural repairs or modifications that are needed.


 Building a Sunken Hot Tub


If your deck is close to the ground, you can think of removing a portion of your deck and installing the hot tub there to create the appearance of a sunken space. This might seem upscale while frequently being less expensive than enforcing your deck. A concrete slab will need to be installed in the area of which the hot tub will be placed.

Adding a Deck Extension

A deck extension that has been carefully reinforced is a great way to expand your deck area and make room for your hot tub.







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