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Your Final Walk-Through with Decked Out Builders


Now that the building process is winding down, your remodel is finally taking shape! We want you to be completely satisfied with your remodeling project and your time working with Decked Out Builders.



Decked Out Builders’ promise to provide you with a better outdoor living experience and a satisfaction guarantee is one of the reasons you selected us. This guarantee makes sure that you will cherish the time you spend with your family in your new space for many years to come.



Decked Out Builders passion will be evident to you at each stage of the construction process. You will now go through your project with our team before construction is formally finished.



Your satisfaction is our top priority when during both our mid production walk-through and Final production walk-throughs. Each enables you to provide us with feedback regarding your project and experience.




Final Project Walk Through



On the final day of construction, you, any other decision-makers, the project manager, and the lead carpenter will do your substantial completion project walk-through together.


During this walk-through, we will give you a brief overview of your finished space and invite your requests for modifications, alterations, or repairs. These revisions are called punch list items.



These punch list items will be noted and to be taken care of immediately. A change order must be begun rather than a punch list if the modification you want to make is outside the initial scope of the project. Please be aware that some issues you may raise may fall within permissible industry tolerances and so not need to be added to the punch list. If these exceptions do occur, your Lead Carpenter will make sure you understand them.



We will schedule the final walk-through with you once you and your Lead Carpenter have done checking off the list of things to do. This usually happens one to two days later at the same time the final payment for your project will be collected, any remaining materials, and yard signs and pictures will be taken.





Next Steps After Your Final Walk-Through



Finally, we would like to congratulate you on the accomplishment of your project and express our gratitude for choosing Decked Out Builders as your builder. After you have signed off on your satisfaction, we will provide you with a copy as well as your warranty information.



With your loved ones now, you may truly enjoy your new space! You should be quite proud of the time, effort, and patience you have invested in this process since you have gone a long way since the beginning.



Tell your friends and family about Decked Out Builders if you had a great experience with us by giving us a 5-star review! As with you, we would adore the chance to assist them. Be sure to send us updated photos of your space once you have it all decorated!