Is Re-decking a Good Investment?


Is Re-decking a Good Investment?

Even while you might still adore your outdoor living area, it has undeniably aged poorly. When your deck was brand-new, it was the highlight of your backyard. Now, it might be eyesore due to splintering, discolorations, and rotting. Your unpleasant deck needs to be fixed, and fortunately you have options. You can choose to re-deck or rebuild your existing deck.


Many businesses now advertise the service of “re-decking,” which involves replacing the damaged deck boards while leaving the rest of the deck intact. Re-decking is thought to be a quicker and less expensive approach to get a deck that looks brand new. But in comparison to creating your ideal new outdoor living space, is it truly a wise investment?



While re-decking might sound like a good cost saving option, we’ve seen it let down of lot of homeowners. Here are six reasons why it makes more sense to rebuild a new deck rather than to choose re-decking your existing deck.


  1. It looks Exactly the Same- Although it may not be quite as practical, this is the primary reason why re-decking frequently falls disappoints. Even though re-decking can be a slighter cheaper option, it is still a significant investment. Nothing is more discouraging than spending thousands of dollars on an improved version of an old deck. People will be in awe when you transform your outside area with a brand-new spectacular deck.
  2. Your deck likely will not meet building codes- Say your deck was built 15 years ago, those building codes and requirements are not what they are now. This can cause extra expense and inconvenience when resurfacing your deck.
  3. Warranty- Most professional deck builders, like Decked Out Builders, provide a workmanship warranty to back up their work. Contractors, however, can only guarantee their own work, so if you decide to re-deck, you’ll probably only receive a warranty for the new deck boards and not your foundation. Infact, most manufacturers will deny product warranty claims if not installed to correct specifications such as joist spacing. You receive a full-coverage warranty if you build from scratch.
  4. Does it really save costs? Re-decking is popular because of the potential for financial savings, but as always, it sounds better than it is. You only have to pay for the deck boards when you choose a deck restoration; the frame is not included. The framing, however, is the least expensive component of the deck. Re-decking just preserves the frame, which is insufficiently cost-effective for it to be useful.
  5. Old Structure isn’t built for Composite- Depending on where the joists are placed, some older deck foundations cannot provide adequate support for low-maintenance, requiring the frame’s modification or reconstruction before composite can be installed.
  6. Lifespan of Composite- Low maintenance composite decking typically have a manufacturer warranty of  25 to 50 years. Most of our customers don’t want us to install a product that will endure 25 to 50 years only to have to tear it all down after five more years because the old framing failed. In other words, the new decking will last longer than the previous structure.


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