Protective Deck Frame

Using G Tape to Extend The life Of Your Deck

The majority of customers want to make sure they have taken all necessary steps to offer their deck the longest potential life before making the investment in a new deck. So, every deck we create at Decked Out Builders has G-Tape installed. It is a simple task with adding insurance to your deck.



What is G Tape?

G-Tape or also referred to as Joist Tape, is a premium brand of self-sealing acrylic flashing tape that is used to seal and guard deck framing against moisture damage and rot, particularly where deck fasteners have left holes.



A high-density polyethylene fabric layer, two laminated low-density polyethylene layers, and an acrylic adhesive layer make up most of the G-material. Tapes with the capacity to tolerate prolonged sun exposure without damage, these four layers produce unparalleled waterproofing qualities.




Wood rot is one of the most common reasons a deck begins to fail. Being exposed to the elements year-round in all elements means there are many opportunities for water to find its way into a board and accelerate the degradation.



 There are two weak spots in deck lumber: horizontal surfaces and fastener punctures.



Wood rot is most found underneath the deck board, on top of the joist. This happens when it rains, the water has only one place to go, and that is between the deck boards. The large and constant amount of water between the decking greatly increase the moisture on top of the framing causing it to rot far faster than any part of the existing deck.


G-tape uses a self-sealing technology that, when broken through by fasteners, bonds with them and creates a completely sealed penetration point. G-tape provides the same weather protection for your deck that ice and water shield does for a roof.





We at Decked Out Builders are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality goods. One of the numerous things we do to extend the lifespan of our clients’ decks is the application of G-Tape.