Multi- Width Decking

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Multi- Width Decking

You must take into consideration a few important choices when designing your custom deck, including the deck’s design, materials, and color. The width of your deck boards is another thing you should think about.


Adding a custom, multi-width deck to your backyard is a terrific way to provide you and your family more living space if you’re searching for a nice contrast to enhance it.




Benefits of Multi Width Decking


You can generate contrast without using various board colors by having multi-width decking.  Similar to hardwood floors inside your home, multi-width decking gives your backyard an elegant appearance. Your deck can look and feel more luxurious by using geometric combinations or other unique board configurations.


Consider using a multi-width board design to create a one-of-a-kind deck.




Design Ideas


Are you interested in a multi-width deck? Here are some ideas as you think about what you want.


  • Wide deck boards attract the eyes outward, giving the impression that your deck is larger.
  • With geometric inlays for a seating area, your deck will feel cozy and welcoming.
  • Wide boards that match the rest of your deck can be used to build built-in benches or seating places.
  • Combining regular or wide boards with narrow boards will produce a pinstripe appearance.
  • Choose narrow-width deck boards if you prefer a herringbone pattern.
  • Choose deck boards with multiple widths and various colors to increase contrast on your deck.



How Decked Out Builders Can Help


When using multi-width boards, designs can range in complexity, thus it’s best to work with a skilled deck builder. Customers of Decked Out Builders have a choice of three different deck board widths or can mix and match to create a unique look. We provide decking in the following widths:




In addition to being industry leaders in custom deck design, we also have years of experience in the industry. Your design options are limitless with Decked Out Builders!


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