Top 6 Signs You Need to Replace Deck

Replace Deck

Top 6 Signs You Need to Replace Deck

Top 6 Signs You Need to Replace Deck

A wood deck typically lasts 15 to 20 years where in comparison decks made of composite material have a 25–50-year warranty period depending on grade and manufacturer. Lifespan varies depending on the kinds of environmental conditions, the quality of building materials, and the regular maintenance.

Should I repair or replace my deck?

Whether a deck can be repaired rather than completely replaced is a major concern for homeowners. Undoubtedly, replacing a deck entirely is an expensive undertaking. However, you might be better off in the long term by replacing your deck now rather than paying for repairs and having your deck last much longer. Your deck’s remaining lifespan can be estimated when you have a reputable deck contractor inspect it. If it’s found that you might only get another 3–5 years out of it, replacing it instead of spending the money on repairs is typically a better choice.

While many issues can be effectively repaired, there are a few major problems that may indicate it’s time to replace your deck. Here are a few to consider.

Replace Deck

Replace Deck

Rotting or Sagging

Inspect your deck’s supports, beams, joists, and boards for decay and evidence of moisture retention. Soft areas, flaking paint, and twisted posts are all indications of moisture retention, decay, and possible structural problems.

The structural integrity of your entire deck as well as the safety of everyone using it could be in jeopardy due to rot since moisture damage can cause boards and materials to crack, bend, and even disintegrate.

Corroded or Missing Hardware

The majority of the hardware and fittings will be on your deck’s underside. Make sure that none of the fittings are missing, entirely loose, or rusted and decaying by inspecting the base of your deck. This is more likely to happen if your deck is older. However, without adequate maintenance or material installation, damage can happen to decks of all ages.


No material used to build a house, especially external materials, can last forever. Age will always be a factor in determining whether a deck needs to be replaced. Your deck will suffer damage from the weather and environment. Typically, a wood deck will endure 15 to 20 years. This will depend on the materials installed and regular upkeep carried out. However, if your deck is over 20 years old and beginning to show signs of aging, you should start thinking about replacing it.

Structural Damage

Although you might not give it much thought, the foundation of your deck is just as significant as the area you can see and enjoy. Posts, joists, beams, and other components of the deck’s support structure are all susceptible to damage from termites and other pests, moisture damage, and aging.

Get the deck evaluated before using it if you notice any rot, warping, sagging joists, rotten wood beams, or other similar symptoms. The more damage there is, the more sense it makes to replace the deck. Installing a new deck with durable components and modern materials is more cost-effective because repeated repairs can get expensive.

Replace Deck

Replace Deck

Loose Railings

A few screws that are loose on a deck railing may only need to be tightened up or replaced. Or it can imply that the building has started to decay. Never disregard a loose deck railing as a small issue because it can pose a significant risk to your safety. People frequently place a lot of weight on railings, and if it breaks, they could get serious injuries.

Termite Infestation

Termites do serious damage if they weaken posts, joists or ledger boards. Visible termite damage is a sign that a deck needs to be inspected and possibly replaced. Termites tunnel into wood, leaving behind channels that weaken the wood’s structure and make it more prone to wood rot. Things will only become worse if it is not replaced and treated to ensure that the termites don’t return.

Is it time to replace your deck?

You owe it to yourself to inquire about composite decking with certified contractors if the time has come to replace your natural wood deck. Compared to a deck made of natural wood, you won’t have to worry about maintaining it nearly as much, and it will last longer. For a variety of reasons, Decked Out Builders only builds composite decks for homeowners. They can easily last 25+ years depending on weather conditions and care procedures and offer a variety of alternatives to match your aesthetic preferences. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to get started on your project!

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