Composite Deck

Selecting the Best Composite Deck Color for Your Home

Selecting the Best Composite Deck Color for Your Home

When installing a deck, there are many elements to take into consideration. Size, location and material are, of course, very important. However, equally as important is your choice of color. With so many composite decking color options, this isn’t a quick or easy choice: it’s all about finding the color that works best for you and your home.

What colors are available for a composite deck?

Composite decking comes in a wide range of colors and finishes. That said, broadly speaking, most manufacturers offer composite decking in three basic color families: gray, brown and red.

However, even once you’ve chosen which of the three main colors to go for, there’s still massive tonal variation within each family. Luckily, at Decked Out Builders, we have plenty of samples to show you so you can compare and contrast before making your final choice.

Composite Deck
Composite Deck

Things to consider when choosing a deck color

When deciding which color you want for your deck, it’s important that it matches your tastes, home decor and your property’s surroundings.

As your new deck will be part of your life for many years to come, it’s important that you consider the following:

1) The color of your house

When choosing your composite color, think about how well the color pair will go with your home’s exterior and trim.

A little contrast goes a long way regarding style and curb appeal. For example, we find that gray decking – ranging from light gray to deep charcoal – goes well with white, blue, gray and red homes – particularly in sunny areas. It’s the most modern and neutral choice, making it ideal for new decks.

Brown, meanwhile, is the most common and traditional choice. From the warmest browns to cooler shades of tan, brown composite decking colors will go with almost any house color and can seamlessly blend into any natural outdoor environment.

Red can also work well with various home colors and textures, including stucco or brick facades. With cooler undertones or fiery warmer tones, it can be a bold choice and works very well as an accent color.

2) The color of your indoor flooring

If your deck connects directly to your home, you might want to consider pairing your composite deck color with your indoor flooring. Choosing a similar shade will create a more cohesive look and a smoother transition from inside to out.

Composite Deck
Composite Deck

3) The environment surrounding your home

The environment surrounding your deck can also influence the color choices you make.

If your home is surrounded by a mostly green landscape, picking a red or a light brown could complement that dominant hue.

Conversely, if surrounded by lots of color (especially if you have a lot of flowering plants), a more neutral brown or gray deck might suit better.

4) The amount of sunlight your deck will get

If your home is in a location with a lot of direct sunlight, this can also influence the color you choose for your composite decking.

If exposed to a lot of sun and heat, darker-colored decks can become uncomfortable underfoot. In such circumstances, lighter colors are advisable because they absorb less heat.

5) The level of maintenance

Over time, all decks will require maintenance of some kind. Your choice of color can affect the amount and frequency of this.

For example, a darker-colored deck may require less maintenance than a lighter deck because it will show less dirt and stains.

You, therefore, have to decide how committed to maintenance and cleaning you’ll be in the long term.

Composite Deck
Composite Deck

How to choose the best color combination

For the best house and deck color combination, consider a scheme that consists of three colors: a dominant, secondary, and accent color.

This can help you to strike the right balance and ensure that your deck doesn’t stand out for all the wrong reasons.

The key is to have just enough contrast with your home to make your deck the perfect place to spend time.

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