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5 Creative Deck Ideas to Transform Your Space

5 Creative Deck Ideas to Transform Your Space

Whether you’re building a new deck from scratch or upgrading your current one, this presents an excellent opportunity to get creative and transform your outdoor space into a welcoming retreat for your family and guests. Contemporary, creative changes, ranging from small aesthetic upgrades to larger structural additions, not only can help you gain space but also give new life to existing spaces. Here are five ways you can get creative with your deck to make it the deck you’ve always wanted.

1) Add landscaping around your deck

Turn your backyard into an inviting retreat by incorporating landscaping into and around your deck designNaturally, the design options available greatly depend on the available space. If space is a constraint, consider incorporating greenery with built-in planter boxes. This allows you to add some color without taking up much-needed deck space with pots. To create a fuller, lusher look, opt for spiller plants such as sweet potato vine, English ivy or petunias that will cascade over the edges. 

Deck Ideas
Deck Ideas

For slightly larger spaces, blended-in landscaping creates a seamless transition from deck to yard. Add plants along the deck’s perimeter, create texture with mulch, or incorporate gravel, brick, wood, pavers or stone for additional dimensions. 

For those with ample space, interconnected pathway decks and platforms encourage exploration throughout the backyard. Connect your large backyard space with winding pathways that meander through your garden. Place seating along the path for an opportunity to sit and appreciate different views.

2) Choose imaginative deck skirting

Deck skirting and fascia boards are some elements that often go overlooked, yet still have a big impact on your deck’s finish.

Deck skirting covers the area below your deck, and refers to the boards that run perpendicular between the ground and the deck surface. It prevents debris, grass and animals from getting under your deck and minimizes mold and mildew growth by keeping water from gathering below your deck.

Deck skirting comes in many different forms. The most common is deck boards vertical or horizontal. Creating a contrast between them and the fascia boards (which cover the wooden frame of the deck) can give your deck a clean, polished look.

Lattice and other decorative panels, such as stone wall paneling, can also help your deck to stand out, providing an accented feature.

Other alternatives include stair skirting which provides an elegant pathway and entry point to your deck, or planted greenery to give a seamless transition from nature to your home.

3) Incorporate slick built-in seating

Built-in seating, if added to your deck’s perimeter and along changes in elevation, can create a stylish, functional and inviting space.

Built-in seating can serve multiple purposes, such as providing additional seating for guests, creating a cozy spot for lounging, or even serving as storage for outdoor cushions or gardening tools.

Deck Ideas
Deck Ideas

This is also an ingenious way to save space, particularly on smaller decks, as it eliminates the need for additional chairs or benches.

Built-in seating can be designed to fit the exact dimensions of a deck, allowing for a custom look that complements the deck’s style and design.

4) Add visual appeal with your choice of railing

Railings aren’t just a safety requirement for taller decks; they can also be a statement-making design element. Choose from metal and composite railing options, or let your creativity run wild by mixing and matching railing materials to get the exact look you want.

The right railing system can set the tone for your entire deck. For instance, if you prefer a modern or minimalistic look, a framed or frameless glass railing system can achieve this seamlessly. The same applies to aluminum railing with sleek handrails and thin balusters.

On the other hand, if your home boasts rustic wooden elements, a cable railing system with a wooden frame or an aluminum picket railing system with a wooden frame may be more suitable.

You can personalize your railing further by selecting from a variety of infills, handrail designs, post caps and other customizable options.

5) Create a layered deck design

Another creative use of space is to create a deck that comprises multiple levels.

This is one way to naturally create different sections on your deck, each with its own function. You could, for example, cozy up in a reading nook on one level and have an outdoor dinner party on another.

Deck Ideas
Deck Ideas

Likewise, if you have a second-story deck, why not make use of the room underneath? Extend your outdoor living space by waterproofing the under deck and creating a space that can be used either as a living space or as storage.

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