Choosing The Right Railing

Choosing The Right Railing

Deck railing sometimes feels like an afterthought in the design process. Deck railing, however, is a very important feature on many decks. Not only is it a safety issue, they also provide an important design and appeal element to the overall custom deck look. The deck railing doesn’t just have to be “functional,” you have an opportunity to create a custom overall visual design element to your deck. So think carefully! While you have a wide variety of options when it comes to choosing a railing system for your deck, some aspects of your railing are likely to be non-negotiable due to safety concerns and the building codes that enforce them.  The aesthetic quality of your deck railing is very important, but so is the safety of your family and friends. 

We at Decked Out Builders want to make sure you’re spending more time relaxing on your deck rather than maintaining it. Providing options with maximum strength and minimalistic maintenance will be the goal. We offer the following options for you to consider:

Composite Railing

Composite railing, the most popular, requires minimum maintenance and is more customizable when it comes to designing & colors. Composite railing is splinter free, sturdy and durable.

Aluminum Railing

Aluminum railing is more expensive than composite railing. Aluminum railings can come in sleek designs and the deck railing is powder-coated to come in white, black or bronze colors. There are a wide variety of designs to choose from to give that different view with very little maintenance.

Stainless Steel Cable

If you don’t want your deck railing to get in the way of your view. The cable Rail can be used with Composite or Aluminum Posts.

Verticable Rail

No more obstructed views with Verticable Rail. Verticable Rail comes in White, Black or Bronze.

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