Adding a pergola to your deck or patio is a great way to add shade and beauty with a lesser cost of a covered porch. Pergolas can be as simple or detailed as you want and can be customized to fit any space.  Some homeowners prefer a more classic clean look, while others enjoy heavier posts with unique trim. We build Pergolas out of Treated Pine, Cedar, PVC and Fiberglass. What type of material you want to build determines the pergola price. While PVC and Fiberglass Pergolas are clean and modern, require limited maintenance they are less customizable then wood.

Types Pergolas We Offer

Cedar Pergola

Wood Pergolas are the most common. There are endless styles to choose from. Wood Pergolas create more of a rustic and natural style to your outdoor space. However, they require proper regular maintenance of painting or staining of the pergola.

PVC & Fiberglass

This choice is an exceptionally strong building material for pergolas. This strength allows the pergola to span a wider space between columns, while also creating a larger and more open structure than wood or other low maintenance materials.

Trex Pergola