Deck Skirting & Cladding

Worried about animals under the deck? Deck Skirting is one of those final finishes that enhances your deck. While not one of the “sexiest” components of building a deck, the deck skirting and cladding is most definitely one of the most important aspects of a well made custom deck. Proper deck skirting allows for ventilation to guard against mold and rot, provides cover for storage areas, and in some cases, can be the first impression of your deck as you walk to it. Whether a ground level deck or elevated deck there are several options. It has become more popular to choose a secondary color for deck skirting to contrast the decking.


Wood or composite deck boards installed vertically or horizontally (like shiplap), is an option that can be designed to give that finished look. It is essential when choosing this option to leave a gap between boards to allow adequate airflow beneath the deck.


One of the most popular deck skirting options. A simple grid pattern goes well with almost all deck designs and homes. Lattice also provides an excellent balance between ventilation and covering. Deck Lattice can be Vinyl or PVC and has several pattern and color varieties.

Stone & Brick

Want to create that elegant appearance? By using brick and stone skirting you can give that appearance of real masonry design for your deck. We can use faux stone & brick skirting so it is less likely to chip, crack, or crumble like real masonry. Because stone and brick does not allow for natural ventilation, Decked Out Builders will create strategically placed ventilation gaps around the deck skirting.