Stair Designs, Landings And Locations

When designing your deck, placement of your stairs, size and design is an important component to your custom deck. Stairs are primarily functional elements, but they can also have a large impact on the visual appeal of a deck. They can be prominent and grand, or minimal and understated. There are so many design and building code elements that go into your deck stairs.

With a combination of uncompromising quality and high-end materials, Decked Out Builders will build your stairs with the finest precision and craftsmanship, while incorporating unique and innovative designs that complement your outdoor space perfectly.

When you partner with us to build stairs that fit seamlessly into your deck design, you can trust our team with the entire process, from start to finish. We’ll ensure that your stairs not only offer the visual aesthetic you desire, but also provide safety for your family, friends, and loved ones. Stairs should never be merely functional in purpose, and it is our goal to make your stairs a stunning focal point to showcase your deck and backyard space.

Our Commitment To Quality Is In Every Detail

Whether you’re building a new deck with stairs, or your existing stairs are showing signs of deterioration, our custom stairs and landings are built to last with high-quality, low-maintenance composite materials that display our creative stair design and perfect stair placement. At Decked Out Builders, our impeccable build quality will withstand all inclement weather conditions, including extreme heat, moisture, snow, and ice, keeping your stairs in great shape for years to come.

Safety is always an essential priority for our team, and we adhere to all local municipality codes and building codes, in addition to obtaining all permits and scheduling necessary inspections.


Full-Service Stair Construction From Initial Design To Project Completion

As we work with you on every aspect of the design process, we’ll recommend the best options for durable and weather resistant materials of the highest quality to provide the look you wish to achieve. From prominent and grand, to minimal and understated, we’ll identify the perfect design to fit your unique backyard space, resulting in a showstopping stair design that enhances the visual appeal of your home.             

Whether your deck is ground level, 2nd story, or an English basement deck, our experienced construction team will build stairs that make a statement, and enhance the beauty of your deck design. Take a look at some of our most popular stair designs and styles, which can all be customized to complement the specific design of your deck and backyard space.

Stairs With Landings

When enhanced by the right staircase and landing design, 2nd story decks have a grand and elegant appeal. Since the staircase leading up to a 2nd story deck can be steep and difficult to navigate, the steepness can present a tripping hazard, especially to young children or older adults. A staircase landing not only adds safety and modern flair to your multi-level stairs, but also serves as a dramatic element to draw the eye upward to the deck above. With precise design details and careful planning, we will create stairs with landings that are customized to your backyard space, and can open at the bottom in any direction.

Although a landing is the most common option for 2nd story decks, we can also work with you on other options depending on the size and layout of your deck, which may include building your stairs parallel within the deck or off to the side.

Wrap Around Stairs

If your backyard space allows for construction of wrap around stairs, this option is a showstopping design that turns your outdoor space into a relaxing retreat. Both timeless and elegant, the design of your wrap around stairs will enhance the flow of your backyard and create the perfect entertaining space for family and friends.

Open Concept Stairs

Ideal for your ground level deck or back porch, this simple yet contemporary design brings out the beauty of your deck while providing efficient functionality. Since the stair tread extends beyond the edge of the staircase, open concept stairs provide a wider stair surface and an open, airy feeling.

Angles Stairs

When you desire to provide multiple points of entry for your deck space, angled stairs are a solid option to provide both form and function. If you have an expansive deck, angled stairs can be used in combination with other stair styles to create greater visual impact.


Cascading Stairs

Cascading stairs provide attractive appeal with maximum functionality, all with an exquisite design that flows seamlessly from the deck to the ground. This modern choice will flare out beautifully from top to bottom, serving as the perfect cornerstone of your low, ground-level deck.

Expanded Space

Are you planning to build a new deck to connect to an in-ground or above-ground pool or hot tub? Make the most of this expanded space and turn it into the ultimate backyard entertaining spot. We can build a landing for your custom deck that will be an ideal gathering space, and can feature elements including an outdoor kitchen or magnificent fireplace. Whatever your plans, we’ll work with you to make your dream deck a reality!