Stair Designs, Landings and Locations

Stair Designs, Landings & Locations

When designing your deck, placement of your stairs, size and design is an important component to your custom deck. Stairs are primarily functional elements, but they can also have a large impact on the visual appeal of a deck. They can be prominent and grand, or minimal and understated. There are so many design and building code elements that go into your deck stairs.  

Stairs With Landings

For 2nd Story Decks Stairs can have a middle landing to break up the steepness while also adding that great appeal. Adding a landing you can also change where the stairs end in your yard as they can be built to any direction. Having a landing while the most common, there are other designs of stairs for 2nd story decks such as building them parallel with in the deck or even off to the side.

For more of your ground level or English basement decks there are more options for stair designs and sizes. Stairs with 3 Steps ore more are required to have railing.

Wrap Around Stairs


Open Concept Stairs


Angles Stairs


Cascading Stairs


Expanded Space

Do you plan on creating a custom deck that connects to an in-ground or above-ground hot tub or pool?  Maybe you want to plan a landing to include that backyard kitchen or fireplace hangout spot you’ve always dreamed of.


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