Deck Patterns to Consider for Your Deck


Deck Patterns to Consider for Your Deck

What would the design of your ideal deck be? At Decked Out Builders, we give our customers a countless number of possibilities to choose from when we design decks. Because our decks can be created in a variety of deck patterns and colors, no two decks are ever exactly same.



Diagonal Decking:

Although it might not seem like much, a diagonal pattern drastically alters how a deck looks. The boards usually run diagonally at 45-degree angles. Despite their appearance, diagonal decks are stronger and do not require sway braces. 

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A herringbone pattern is the definition of “luxury decking”—elegant, complex, and textured. Repeated 45-degree connections of two deck boards result in herringbone deck designs. The crisscrossed, interlocking pattern transforms a deck from simple to eye-catching by evoking the richness of woven textiles. 


Chevron decking also follows a V-shaped pattern, offering an aesthetically pleasant directional design that is quite similar to the herringbone pattern. You may have the boards run straight across the whole deck or instead have chevron with straight transition boards in the middle. However, the fundamental distinction between the two is that whereas the chevron boards meet with ends flush, the herringbone boards overlap end-on-end.

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Patterns with names like parquet or basketweave are frequently confused. The patterns of a parquet deck are those that use various patterns inside squares of the same size. For instance, you might have varied deck squares, some with boards running parallel and others with boards running perpendicular.

Additional Patterns

There are a few more deck board patterns you can create to create a truly unique design for your deck, like curved decking, alternating sizes, diamond and Inlays. All of these patterns look stunning with different colors, which opens up a world of creative options.

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