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Advantages of Installing a Picture Frame on Your Deck

What is a picture frame?



Many of the decks you see may simply end, leaving the ends of the wooden planks exposed to anyone who might be eye level with the deck’s floor. Although this might initially appear like a minor aesthetic concern, exposed end-grains have a tendency to become very rough over time and can even break or chip.  The answer to this issue, which involves safety concerns in addition to aesthetic ones, is picture framed decking. Installing a border around the outside borders of your deck provides visual appeal, clearly defines the deck edges, and draws attention to any steps. This process is known as “deck picture framing.”




The complexity of picture framing can range from simple to complex. A single trim board running along the perimeter of the deck typically constitutes a straightforward picture framing project. Although it accomplishes its goal, there isn’t much in the way of aesthetic appeal. More sophisticated frames use multiple trim boards to create a bigger picture frame and can be made even more intriguing by adding a contrasting color or weave. Though it is crucial that the width of the picture frame be in relation to the size of your deck, the larger the border, the more visually pleasing it becomes.



Considerable planning must be put into a picture-framed deck before building it. Every deck board’s end needs to be supported since deck boards cannot run parallel to the frame that supports them. If your picture frame planks are parallel to the joists, blocking will be needed at the deck’s edges to hold them. Due to this, picture framing should not be a DIY project! Designing the picture frame in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, safe requires professional preparation.


Top Reasons Why to Picture Frame a Deck


  • Hide Cut Ends
  • Safety
  • Highlight areas of interest
  • Prevent Debris




Picture framing is the recommended on all composite and PVC decks. If you want your deck to stand out from your neighbors’ decks adding accent colors are the way to go. It promotes safety by making the boundaries of your deck more visible and offers your deck a beautiful appearance that could increase the value of your house. If you’re ready to get started on your deck project, get in touch with Decked Out Builders today!


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