Custom Decks Guide

Custom Decks Guide: What You Need To Know

Custom Decks Guide: What You Need To Know

Custom decks are those that go beyond standard designs. They’re a popular choice for homeowners who wish to turn their outdoor spaces into a unique expression of their personal style that’s tailored to their lifestyle.

By hiring an experienced contractor, you can ensure your deck fits seamlessly into your available space, maximizing function and curb appeal.

Why Build A Custom Deck?

There are several reasons why opting for a custom deck is an ideal choice for homeowners. Firstly, a custom deck brings a unique element to your outdoor space, allowing you to personalize the design to suit your taste and preferences.

Secondly, custom decks cater to specific needs and functions. That’s because custom decks can cater to special features, such as built-in seating or planters, making them an ideal complement to a home’s exterior.

Custom Decks Guide
Custom Decks Guide

Thirdly, a custom deck’s ability to seamlessly fit into its surroundings greatly enhances curb appeal, adding value to a home and, therefore, giving it a clear edge over standard options.

Ultimately, investing in a custom deck results in both aesthetic and practical benefits, enhancing your property’s appeal and usability.

Factors To Consider Before Starting Your Project

A well-planned custom deck project can greatly enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor living space. Imagine, for example, transforming your custom deck into an outdoor living room, complete with cozy furniture, a fireplace and a TV for memorable movie nights. Or creating a focal point for gatherings with a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen.

If this all sounds exciting, the first step towards a smooth and successful project is understanding the importance of foresight and planning.

To make the most of your custom deck project, start by assessing the space you have available, identifying your goals and priorities, estimating your budget and conducting thorough research on materials and design options. 

Consulting with decking professionals and reputable contractors like Decked Out Builders can also provide invaluable insights and advice on the materials required and safety and design considerations.

Cost Factors for a Custom Deck

A crucial aspect of building a custom deck is budgeting effectively for the project. Multiple factors influence the construction cost of a deck. Firstly, labor expenses must be considered. This typically equates to around 40% of the overall cost.

Another major consideration is that building a custom deck usually requires a new, tailored framework. The substructure is crucial in providing structural support and stability to the entire deck system, ensuring that the deck can safely withstand additional loads (such as furniture, people, or outdoor appliances) without sagging, shifting, or collapsing.

Additionally, the choice of materials is significant. When compared with wooden decks, composite and PVC decks are more expensive but have a longer life span and lower maintenance requirements. 

Lastly, the complexity of the design plays a role, as more intricate designs and extra built-in features will result in higher costs.

Custom Decks Guide
Custom Decks Guide

How Complex Do I Want My Project to Be?

When starting a custom deck project, it’s essential to consider factors such as deck size, design, extra features and available resources.

Larger decks can incorporate more elaborate design features, including:

Additionally, to further enhance your custom deck, there are many features you can add to make it a more dynamic and welcoming space:

Of course, custom decks with more elaborate designs will require additional materials and labor, which can impact overall costs and project timelines. 

Innovative Custom Deck Ideas

One of the most exciting things about building a custom deck is the opportunity to let your creativity shine through. Your deck can be a true reflection of your personal style and preferences. Below are some unique ideas to consider when designing your custom deck.

One innovative idea is to mix different materials for the deck railing. For example, combining composite and aluminum can give your deck a modern yet warm and inviting look.

Custom Decks Guide
Custom Decks Guide

Another idea is to add intricate inlays to the deck design. These can be made with different-colored boards with composite decking. This can take your deck from a simple flat surface to a work of art with stunning visual appeal.

You could consider adding a curved design to your deck’s structure, too. Curved decks can complement the natural shapes of your yard and add a unique touch to your outdoor space. 

Integrated lighting is another way to add a unique and practical touch to your deck. Utilize a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to set the mood and ensure safety during evening hours. This can be done with in-deck lighting, stairs lighting and even railing lighting. Not only does this add style to your deck, but it also increases safety and visibility in the evening.

Lastly, consider installing a pergola or screened porch to provide shade and shelter from the elements.

These innovative custom deck ideas can inspire you to create an outdoor living space that truly reflects your personal style. As you begin to plan your custom deck project, keep these ideas in mind and let your imagination run free.

Work With A Qualified Contractor

Hiring an experienced contractor for your custom deck project is crucial to bring your vision to life while ensuring functionality, style and durability. 

Decked Out Builders can help you anticipate potential challenges, choose suitable materials and provide proper construction techniques.

Get in touch with us now to start designing and building your perfect custom deck.

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